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Insulate Your Water Heater for Another Layer of Energy Savings

Saving energy is not only the green thing to do, it saves you money. One of the simplest means of saving energy — a solution that does not require an expensive construction project or costly upgrades — is insulating your water heater, or having someone do it for you.

In addition to saving you money by reducing the work required of it, insulating your water heater — as well as the pipes that deliver the water to your faucets — promises the water will be hotter when it reaches you.

If any of the following describe the working environment of your system, you’re sure to save money if you insulate your water heater and pipes:

  • You live in a region where the temperature drops below 65 degrees regularly.
  • Your water heater is located in a basement or crawl space that isn’t temperature controlled.
  • You heater is a small capacity unit purchased for the sake of water preservation.
  • The delivery system — the pipes — travel farther than 30 feet from the heater before spilling the water into a sink or tub.

If you want to insulate your water heater, the simplest method is with an insulating cover. Most kits come with a cover that goes around your heater and high R-value tape used to hold it in place. If you decide to insulate your water heater, doing the same to your pipes is just as important.

There are a wide variety of options you can use to insulate the pipes, but generally each product consists of a sleeve made of insulation which is covered with a metallic, heat-reflective covering. The sleeves are kept in place with the same type of high R-value tape used to insulate your water heater.

While the project can quickly and easily be done over a weekend, most HVAC sales and service companies can complete the job in less than a day, meaning they can be in before you leave for work and gone before you return home, which saves you a wasted weekend toiling under the house.

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