Zone Control Systems

Zone Control service.
Zone Control service.

The second floor of your Traverse City, MI, home gets too hot in the summer, and your downstairs feels too cold from trying to cool the upstairs.

You need a zone control system.

You like one temperature, your spouse prefers a different setting. And your kids complain it’s too hot.

Zoning is the answer.

A zone control system—or zoning—is the perfect solution for larger homes with multiple floors or sprawling layouts. Perhaps you have several barely used rooms in your home. Who wants to heat an empty room?

With zoning, you create different temperature zones under the same roof, reducing your energy use and lowering utility bills. Homes with concrete slab foundations, large windows, high ceilings, or finished rooms in the attic or basement are good candidates for a zone control system.

Our certified, knowledgeable professionals at Team Bob’s can install a zone control system that enables you to control temperatures in different areas of your Traverse City home simultaneously with just the touch of a button.

How Does Zoning Work?

You decide the location and size of each zone with guidance from our professionals. You can define a zone as a room, several rooms, or even an entire floor in your multi-story home.

Whatever you decide, our team at Team Bob’s will help you achieve the ultimate comfort in your home that comes with a zone control system. Controlling the temperature in each zone means you will save energy, reduce your utility bills, and keep everyone in the family happy.

Say goodbye to hot and cold spots throughout your home. Say hello to a new level of comfort.

Zone Control Installation

Our heating and cooling specialists will install dampers in your ductwork and mount a control panel near your furnace. Thermostats are placed in each zone. Turn your second floor into one zone, your downstairs into a second zone, and the master bedroom into a third one.

When you adjust each thermostat, the control panel opens or closes dampers to distribute hot or cold air where it is needed. Set the thermostats in each zone, and relax. Plus, you can control the thermostats using your smartphone or tablet.

Opening and closing registers throughout your home will not create a zone control system. It does not cause your furnace or air conditioner to produce less hot or cold air. It can also contribute to leaky ductwork and low airflow.

By comparison, the zone control system not only redistributes airflow by operating dampers, but it also controls your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, telling it when to run and when to shut down. That eliminates unnecessary energy expenses.

Can I still create a zone control system if my home has no ductwork?

The answer is yes. Ductless mini split systems allow you to set up multiple air handlers throughout your home. Each air handler acts as a zone, complete with a thermostat. Anyone living in a large home with more than one floor will benefit from zoning.

Zone Control Repairs

If you detect an issue with your zone control system, such as rattling noises or unresponsive dampers, give us a call. Our team will evaluate the problem and fix it promptly with as little disruption to your home as possible.

Don’t wait for a minor problem to evolve into a costly and inconvenient repair. We promise never to replace a part unless necessary or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings. We work around your schedule, and you can take comfort in knowing our team always follows best practices in terms of safety and conduct on every service call.

Heating and cooling equipment can break down at the worst times. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services, so we can be there right when you need us.

Zone Control System Maintenance

Planned maintenance ensures your HVAC system is running efficiently and that you are getting the most out of your investment in home comfort. It also allows our professionals to prevent potential problems by catching them right away.

Your heating and cooling system is a significant purchase. Protect your investment with planned maintenance.

Be sure to ask about our Preventative Maintenance Program designed to save you money. We tailor these maintenance plans to fit your budget and needs. Enjoy priority service and discounts on labor, parts, and repair. Give us a call for a free consultation.

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Adding a zone control system to your home in Traverse City, MI, creates a more comfortable setting for everyone. You can trust our team at Team Bob’s to provide practical and sustainable solutions to help create a healthy home for you and your loved ones. Call 866-BOB-HEAT or request service online today.

You love your Michigan home—with one exception: some rooms are comfortable, others not so much.

A zone control system is your solution.

Zoning allows you to set different temperatures throughout your home, using the same heating and cooling equipment. Focus your indoor comfort on the rooms you use most.

Zoning makes life easier on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It no longer has to work as hard trying to reach the same temperature in every room. You spend less on utilities and enjoy more comfort!

Team Bob’s is a trusted name in the field of HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair, with over 30 years of experience in Traverse City and surrounding areas. Our friendly NATE-certified technicians will keep you informed every step of the way. Call us today for a free consultation on your next project.

Why Do I Need a Zone Control System?

Your home is probably a good candidate for zoning if it has:

  • Multiple levels
  • A sprawling layout
  • A concrete slab foundation
  • Furnished rooms in the basement or attic
  • Big open areas
  • Tall ceilings
  • Large windows

Who wants to pay to air condition a barely used room in the summer? A zone control system is a more efficient way to spend your heating and cooling dollars.

How Do Zone Control Systems Work?

Our NATE-certified technicians will install mechanical dampers in the air ducts of your Traverse City home. You can zone a single room, multiple rooms, or an entire floor of your home.

Each zone has a separate thermostat connected to a central control panel. When you adjust the thermostat in a particular zone, the control panel opens or closes dampers to distribute hot or cold air where needed.

You cannot achieve the same results by adjusting the slats on the air vents in a room.

Those adjustable slats direct the airflow into a room—they are not designed to block it entirely. Merely closing or partially opening a vent restricts the amount of airflow that exits the ductwork—but it does not cause your air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump to produce less cold or hot air.

A zoning system controls your HVAC system, telling it when to run and shut down based on the separate thermostat settings. Closing vents can lead to low airflow and other problems. It is not a practical way to adjust the temperature in a room.

Zone Control System Installation

Our seasoned professionals install zoning systems for new builds and existing homes. Zoning is a terrific option if you live in an older large home and want to cut down your energy bills.

Not sure how many zones to create? Our team will walk you through the process and recommend the best setup in your Traverse City home to enjoy maximum comfort.

Ask about our flexible financing packages and upgrade your old equipment. A new HVAC system can lower your monthly utility bill by up to 40 percent . 

Zone Control Repairs

Are you experiencing a problem with a damper, the control board, or one of the thermostats? Call us right away. We always provide accurate upfront pricing and a thorough explanation of the job so that you feel comfortable and confident about our work.

At Team Bob’s, we understand equipment tends to break when you least expect it. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services to be there when you need us.

Zone Control Maintenance

Your HVAC system is a significant investment. Compare it to the vehicle in your driveway. They both cost a lot of money. They both require planned maintenance to enjoy the best value and performance.

Scheduling annual HVAC tune-ups allow our technicians to uncover minor issues before they become costly repairs. Preventative maintenance also keeps your manufacturer’s warranty intact.

Sign up for our Preventative Maintenance Program to enjoy discounts on parts, tune-ups, and repairs. Jump to the front of the line and enjoy priority service every time you call us. Join today!

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