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Your Home Might Be A Prime Candidate For A Zoning System

Your Home Might Be A Prime Candidate For A Zoning SystemIf you and your family routinely experience comfort issues at home, the culprit may be an inefficient heating system. In truth, your home’s heating load probably differs from room to room, making your home a prime candidate for a zoning system.

Heating needs

Whether your home has two floors, a large great room or add-on spaces, the single thermostat that services the home generally can’t get the job done. Think about it: The thermostat is likely located in a key area on the ground floor, maybe the living room. But that means the single thermostat reads the home’s temperature in that location only. It’s not able to effectively read the heating load of the second floor or provide different levels of heating for the great room or the room above the garage.

How zoning works

A zoning system allows you to break up your home into segregated areas, or zones, with similar heating loads. Dampers are installed inside of the ductwork and controlled by individual thermostats installed in each zone. In that way, each zone’s thermostat reads the temperature in that area, allowing the dampers to open to provide additional heating and to close when the desired temperature is reached.

Zoning benefits

With a zoning system installed in your home, you can effectively improve comfort because each zone is treated as an individual space with unique heating needs. You’ll no longer waste energy heating the first floor just to provide more heat to the second floor. Finally, zoning systems extend the life of your furnace or heat pump, because it won’t have to work as hard to deliver heating to your home’s spaces and provide heating to areas that don’t need it.

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