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Find a Pro to Enhance Your Home’s Water Supply

Find a Pro to Enhance Your Home's Water SupplyBad tap water can ruin your day, whether you’re in the shower or are trying to finish your laundry. Your home’s water supply may be foul tasting, foul smelling or problematic for a number of reasons. If you suffer from any of the five causes of poor water quality listed below, read on to learn how you can improve your home’s water supply.

Sediment. Fine, suspended particles of sand, dirt and organic matter can create turbid and murky-looking water. To correct this problem, use a sediment filter, available from a plumbing or hardware store. If the sediment you find is sand, try installing a slow-sand filter.

Bacteria. Not all the bacteria in tap water is harmful, but you should be concerned if you suspect your water is contaminated with coliform, which is usually found in lakes and wells. While this bacteria doesn’t usually cause illness, it may indicate the presence of other pathogens from human or animal waste. If your water tests positive for coliform, professional testing should be performed, and the source of the contamination should be located and contained.

Bad taste or odor. Strange water taste and smells can be caused by organic or inorganic contamination. Organic matter may account for moldy or fishy tastes and smells, while sulfates from minerals may also make water taste bad. Sulfates may also be harmful to young children and animals. Fortunately, activated carbon filters can help remedy this problem.

Hydrogen sulfide. This gas gives water a rotten eggs smell and can corrode pipes. This problem can be corrected by multi-stage filtration and chlorination.

Hard water. Too much calcium and magnesium can result in hard water, causing lime scale to build up in pipes, sometimes causing damaging and coating faucets, bathtubs and wash basins. Lime scale can shorten the lifespan of your water heaters. Home water softeners can help fix this problem by running water through a sodium solution, which replaces the calcium and magnesium with sodium.

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