A/C Upgrade? Learn Why You Should Choose a Variable-Speed Air HandlerWhen you’re ready for an air conditioning upgrade, make sure you look for features that improve comfort and save energy. Advances in design and efficiency mean that you have more choices than ever before. One of the top A/C features to consider is a variable-speed air handler. Keep reading to learn what an air handler does, along with its benefits. 

What an Air Handler Does

The air handler’s job is to direct conditioned air into the home, but not all air handlers are created equal. The conventional one-speed air handler cycles on at full speed, pushing cooled air into the home to bring indoor temperature down to the desired set point. After a while, the handler cycles off again until it’s time to push more air into your home. This process is repeated throughout the day and night. A variable-speed air handler doesn’t cycle in this way. Instead, it operates continuously, adjusting the speed of airflow instead of cycling on and off.


Choosing an air conditioner with a variable-speed air handler has serious benefits for the average homeowner, including the following:

  • Energy efficient: By avoiding the energy waste associated with cycling off and on, these operate more efficiently than conventional air handlers.
  • Indoor air quality: Your home’s air is continuously filtered through the HVAC unit, resulting in cleaner air as airborne allergens are removed. A conventional air handler’s cycling process means that in between cycles, air has time to stagnate.
  • Better dehumidification: Variable-speed air handlers help with dehumidification because more moisture is removed from the air when air continually filters through the system. In addition, you’ll experience fewer temperature variations throughout the home as conditioned air is constantly flowing.
  • Quiet operation: They operate more quietly than standard air handlers because they operate at reduced speeds.

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