Water Heater Installation in Traverse City, MI 49685

“100% thankful and impressed with the professionalism, promptness, and efficiency of Team Bob’s. My water heater was scheduled for a routine maintenance check, but before that check the water heater went kaput, so we had no hot water. I was able to reschedule a service tech to come out almost immediately. Andrew came out and said I needed a new one. He also said since I live in a manufactured home there was a certain type of one that wasn’t readily available in town. It would take at least a week to get one. That sent me into a panic. He said he would call a few more places to see if there was one of the type needed. Long story short, he found one and I had a new water heater installed, by Ricky, all within two days of not having hot water.

Thank you Team Bobs!”

– Matt B.