Take Precautions to Prevent Winter Pipe BurstsAs temperatures drop in the Grand Traverse County area, your pipes have a higher chance of freezing. If this happens, your pipes could end up bursting and causing considerable water damage to your home. Keep the following tips in mind to prevent pipe bursts this season.

Open Cabinet Doors

If you have a bathroom or kitchen that runs along an outer wall, open cabinet doors during cold snaps. This lets heat reach the pipes in these areas and lowers the risk of having them freeze.

Use Foam Insulation

Covering exposed pipes along outer walls with foam insulation helps keep heat inside them and stops them from getting cold enough to freeze. Keep in mind that you’ll need to cut strips of insulation using a utility knife in order to make sure the pipes are covered securely.

Shut Off the Water for Outdoor Spigots

It’s not just the pipes inside your home that you have to worry about when it’s cold out. Outdoor spigots can also freeze up and burst. You can prevent this from happening by turning off the water valve for the outdoor spigot. You should also get rid of any excess water inside the pipe, so it won’t freeze up when the temperatures drop below freezing.

Leave One Faucet Running

When temperatures are well below freezing and expected to stay that way for awhile, turn on one faucet in your home and leave it on. You don’t need to have a steady stream of water running from the faucet. Instead, just make sure that it’s slowly dripping. Doing this helps ensure that water is running through your pipes, which reduces the risk of having them freeze up.

Keep in mind that if you do have pipe bursts this winter, it’s crucial to have professional plumbing repairs done as soon as possible. This helps minimize damage to your home and ensures that broken pipes are repaired or replaced as needed.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “mikebird/Pixabay”