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Seal Ducts, And Resuscitate Energy Savings

Seal Ducts, And Resuscitate Energy SavingsFeel that nice, cool breeze? Refreshing, doesn’t it? But wait — you’re inside. A cool breeze may feel great on a hot summer day, but wind in your home in the middle of winter indicates a heat loss, and heat losses cost you money. One of the most common places to experience heat loss is through your heating ducts. Thankfully, you can easily solve this problem if you seal ducts in your home.

Heat Loss

When you experience heat loss through your ducts, it means your furnace has to work that much harder to get enough warm air to all the parts of your home. Energy Star estimates that leaky ducts can reduce your heating system’s efficiency by as much as 20 percent. That’s a significant amount of heat not making it into your home — and you’re paying for that heat each month. When you evaluate your home’s energy use, you might need to seal ducts if:

  • You have unusually high heating bills during the cold Grand Traverse County winters
  • Some rooms in your home feel like they never get warm
  • You have ducts in spaces like your garage, crawl spaces or attics
  • You find damaged or tangled ducts in your home

Reaping the Benefits

Thankfully, sealing ducts is a fairly simple process, especially if you work with a trusted contractor who can both seal and repair ducts for energy savings. Once you seal your ducts, you will begin experiencing energy savings on your monthly utility bills right away. The savings you reap from your utility bills will quickly offset the cost to seal your ducts. To get the most savings possible, be sure to check the registers and places where ducts connect with floors and walls, places your ducts are likely to leak.

Taking the time to check and seal ducts will improve your home’s energy efficiency this winter. Contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbingtoday to find out more about saving money on your utility bills.

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