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R-22 Refrigerant Is Getting Harder to Come by: Perhaps Now’s the Time for That A/C Replacement

R-22 Refrigerant Is Getting Harder to Come by: Perhaps Now's the Time for That A/C ReplacementIf you’ve got an older air conditioner that utilizes R-22 refrigerant, you’ve probably been keeping your eye on the news about its phaseout. With the ban on R-22 well under way, supplies of the refrigerant are quickly shrinking. Here’s a closer look at what this could mean for you.

R-22 refrigerant may still be used for A/C repairs and service – for now

As you may know, R-22 is gradually being phased out as a result of its contribution to the depletion of the ozone layer. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first took action in 2010 by demanding that all production of R-22-reliant equipment come to a halt. At this time, your HVAC contractor may still utilize R-22 to service or repair your air conditioner, but all use of the refrigerant will be banned by the year 2020. Because of this, the supplies of R-22 are quickly diminishing. As a result, it will become increasingly difficult for contractors to obtain access to R-22 over the course of the next seven years. Homeowners like yourself can expect a spike in the cost of refrigerant-related repairs or maintenance, and should prepare for the possibility that a time may come when services like these are no longer possible.

R-410A refrigerant provides a solution for savvy homeowners

In order to avoid the potential for problems associated with the R-22 refrigerant shortage, a growing number of homeowners are making the decision to upgrade their air conditioning systems. New cooling equipment is manufactured to utilize an EPA-approved refrigerant known as R-410A. This new refrigerant does not deplete the ozone layer. In addition to helping the environment, homeowners who replace their old air conditioners may enjoy significant energy savings by selecting high-efficiency equipment. And if you decide to make the switch by the end of 2013, you could even take advantage of federal tax credits.

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