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Effective Ways to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Traverse City Home

Effective Ways to Prevent Mold Damage in Your Traverse City HomeOutdoors, mold is a naturally occurring substance that breaks down organic matter, such as leaf litter. However, indoors, it can cause damage to your home and furnishings. Mold can grow unseen in your home, quietly doing damage while your family is breathing in harmful spores. 

While mold is not always dangerous, it can cause allergies, irritations and asthma attacks. Mold flourishes in damp environments, so it’s important to control excessive moisture and condensation that can contribute to growth.

Tips to Prevent Mold

  • Mold typically poses a problem in hot, humid weather. Setting a thermostat too high or low can contribute to mold growth. If you set the temperature too high, your A/C can’t dehumidify indoor air properly. In contrast, if you set it too low, cold surfaces can create condensation. Keep in mind that the recommended setting is 78 degrees.
  • Install a humidity monitor, so you can keep your home’s humidity within the recommended range of 30 to 55 percent. If your humidity increases, you need to find the reason for this occurrence.
  • Keep windows and doors closed, or you’ll let humidity in and make it harder for your air conditioner to remove moisture from the air.
  • Get a properly sized air conditioner. To remove moisture, your A/C needs to run in long cycles. If your A/C is too big, it will short cycle. In contrast, if it’s too small, it will run continuously and waste energy without attaining the proper temperature.
  • Have your air conditioner checked annually for mold growth. A service pro can check your condensate drain pipe to make sure it’s free of blockage.
  • Fix all leaks, including dripping faucets. Any leak has the potential to create moldy conditions.
  • Install exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms to get rid of moisture. Make sure the fans are ventilated to the outdoors.

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