Lower Energy Bills are a Wonderful Gift to YourselfThe days are getting colder, the temperatures lower, and your energy bills higher, so if you knew how to achieve lower energy bills, wouldn’t you take those steps? We have some good news — there are a variety of methods to reduce wintertime and holiday energy bills, and most of them are relatively simple. Try some of these:

  • On sunny days in the winter, open curtains and blinds and allow the warm rays of sunshine to heat up your rooms. Close them when the sun goes down, since a bare windowpane will allow heat to escape to the outside.
  • Seal air leaks in outer walls. A lot of heat energy escapes through gaps and cracks in walls, windows and doors. You can detect some of these air leaks yourself, though a professional energy audit or assessment not only will find all the places where air is leaking from your home; it will detect insufficiencies in insulation. A properly weatherized home holds heat much longer in the winter (and keeps heat outside in the summer).
  • Adjust your ceiling fans so they’re blowing air upward rather than down into the room. This displaces warm air that collects near the ceiling, forcing it down into the room where your family and friends can feel it. Your thermostat also will detect that warmer air, and will hold off signaling the furnace to turn on.
  • Program your (programmable) thermostat with energy-saving setbacks for times when the house is empty and people are sleeping. There’s no reason to have the furnace cranking away when nobody’s home on workdays. You can program the temperature to return to your comfort level before you expect to get home or wake up.
  • You may already have had seasonal maintenance on your heating system, but if not, now’s the time. A properly maintained furnace or heat pump will provide more heat with less energy and lower costs, will increase household comfort, and will be safer to operate.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “pexels/Pixabay”