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12 HVAC Terms All Michigan Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

When you’re dealing with your HVAC unit, the technical jargon involved can be overwhelming. Familiarizing yourself with commonly used HVAC terms will help you better understand your system and more efficiently communicate with a specialist regarding any issues that may arise.

As a Northern Michigan homeowner, here are 12 HVAC terms you should know:

  • Balancing: The act of adjusting an HVAC system and it’s ductwork so that it delivers the appropriate amount of air to the right areas of your home.
  • Refrigerant: A type of fluid that repels heat in high temperatures and consumes heat in low temperatures.
  • Condenser: A type of heat exchanger that’s the outside portion of an air conditioning or heating system. Here, refrigerant changes from a gas to a liquid and indoor air is discharged outside.
  • IAQ: Stands for indoor air quality, which all homeowners should be concerned with.
  • Air handling unit: A piece of equipment containing heating and/or cooling elements along with other components enclosed in a box or some sort of casing.
  • Supply, or supply side: The component of your HVAC system that transfers conditioned air from your furnace or air handling unit to your home.
  • Return, or return side: The pathway air travels to get to a furnace or air handling unit where it will be heated or cooled. To establish proper airflow, this side should be properly balanced with the supply side.
  • Relative humidity (RH): The comparison between the percentage of moisture present in the air to the maximum level of moisture the air can hold at that particular temperature.
  • Sensible heat: Also knowns as the air’s temperature.
  • Load calculation: Based on several factors, it’s an estimation of how much heating and cooling your HVAC system needs to put out to provide the most comfortable environment for your home.
  • Commissioning: When installing an air conditioning or heating unit, this is the final step in which every aspect is inspected.
  • SEER: Seasonal energy efficiency ratio, a rating that measures your system’s energy efficiency.

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