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4 Ways A Humidifier Helps Your Home

4 Ways A Humidifier Helps Your HomeCracked lips, itchy skin, peeling paint – these are just some of the things that are more likely to occur when the air in your house becomes too dry, a common occurrence during Northern Michigan’s long heating season. It’s recommended that humidity levels in your home stay between 30 and 50 percent, but in the winter these levels can drop as low as 10 percent. Luckily, you can help protect your health and your home by using humidifiers. Following are four ways humidification can improve your dry, winter environment.

Benefits of Using Humidifiers

1. They help soothe your skin, nasal passages and throat. That dry, itchy feeling you get every winter can become truly uncomfortable. A humidifier will help keep you hydrated, leaving your skin feeling more moist. This also helps to preserve your voice and reduces snoring.

2. Humidifiers can prevent illness. When there’s enough moisture in the air, the little hairs inside your nose are able to move, thus filtering out viruses and protecting you from getting sick. If you do get a cold or the flu, the added moisture provided by the humidifier will help you breathe easier and get more rest.

3. Your furnishings will be better protected. The dry winter air causes your paint to paint and your furniture to crack. By using a humidifier you can extend the life of the many valuable things in your home.

4. They make it feel warmer so your energy expenditures will be reduced. When there’s more moisture in the air, you can turn down the thermostat a couple degrees and not lose any comfort. This means your home will seem nice and toasty with lower energy bills.

Quick Tip: While overly dry air can result in several negative side effects, so will overly humid air. Too much moisture can encourage mold growth and dust mites. Make sure you keep the humidity at healthy levels.

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