Stay Comfortable with a Humidifier in Your HomeWhen temperatures drop during the winter months, many people choose to spend more time indoors. Thanks to modern furnaces and effective insulation, most homes are warm enough to be comfortable regardless of outdoor temperatures. Unfortunately, the equipment that prevents homes from being cold in the wintertime is to blame for drying out the circulating indoor air.

Installing a whole-house humidifier is a straightforward way to handle this problem. To begin with, the computerized thermostat is used to determine the desired level of moisture. The humidity level is constantly monitored and the humidifier will increase or decrease the water vapor being emitted accordingly. The mist is released directly into the heating ducts, permitting the air in the whole house to be treated at the same time.

Dry air in your home isn’t just uncomfortable; it can lead to some serious problems. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Heating your home costs the same regardless of the moisture in the air. However, people perceive dry air as cooler than humid air, forcing them to raise the thermostat in order to be comfortable. This increased use of the furnace can cause substantial increases to the heat bill.
  • Wood, fabric, leather, parchment and paper are examples of porous substances that are damaged by excessively dry air. Musical instruments, precious art and the floorboards also undergo premature aging while exposed to dry air.
  • Dry air is directly related to an increase in respiratory infections. It can be difficult to breathe, cause throat pain and trigger wracking coughs. Many times, dry or chapped skin are also caused by inadequate humidity in the air. While drinking extra fluids and slathering your skin with lotion may help to minimize the symptoms, the only way to effectively prevent it is to increase the moisture content in the air.

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