Consider These Tips to Tackle Hot and Cold Spots in Your HomeAll those hot and cold spots in your home add up to discomfort, and with a little effort, it’s not hard to identify and correct the problems that cause them. In the best of all worlds, homes would be evenly comfortable, but their design, solar exposure and normal wear often create some challenging conditions.

Start Simple

Look for areas of air infiltration around exterior doors, windows, places where pipes and wires enter or exit, the foundation and the attic. Air entering your home from cracks and gaps in its exterior not only creates places difficult to keep warm or cool, it drives up your energy bills. Use caulk, expanding foam and weatherstripping to seal these areas. Thermal window coverings will solve some of the problems associated with heat gain and loss year-round.

Consider a professional energy audit if a visual inspection of your home doesn’t turn up the apparent reasons for the unequal temperatures indoors. Licensed HVAC contractors and energy auditors use a powerful blower door test to pinpoint exactly where the thermal losses occur throughout your home, especially if they test the ductwork for leakage. Leaky ducts may contribute more to the hot and cold spots in your home than any other problems associated with air leakage in the building’s shell.

Make an Upgrade

When the uneven temperatures throughout your home aren’t caused by air infiltration or duct leakage, consider a zoning system for your HVAC system. A zoned home uses automatic dampers in the ductwork and individual thermostats to regulate temperatures. Zoning systems solve problems associated with unequal temperature distributions.

Instead of controlling the temperature from just one thermostat, a zoned HVAC system uses several, giving you much better temperature control. A zoned home uses less energy and provides more comfort. Zoning systems can be installed for existing HVAC equipment or whenever a new system is installed.

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