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A How-To Guide For Your Heat Pump Thermostat

A How-To Guide For Your Heat Pump ThermostatA heat pump thermostat is different from regular heating and A/C thermostats, because a heat pump is a different type of system. On the heating end, besides the heat pump itself, you also have a backup heating system usually powered by electric heating coils or, in many cases, a propane or natural gas furnace. 

A thermostat for heat pumps contains the needed circuitry to power up the back-up system in case of a heat pump failure or if the temperature inside your home falls below a pre-set temperature differential, which is the difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature in your home. This temperature differential is usually 1 to 2 degrees and varies based upon the brand and model of the thermostat.

A heat pump works best when you set a thermostat at a specific temperature and leave it. If you routinely drop the temperatures at night and reset it in the morning, the thermostat will detect a difference that falls outside the programmed differential and kick on the back-up heating system. This usually results in more energy being used and you lose the efficiency of the heat pump.

To help get around the excess energy used with raising the temperatures every morning, you can install a programmable heat pump thermostat that locks out the back-up heating system when raising the temperatures.

Installing a thermostat with adaptive intelligent recovery will also allow you to set back the nighttime temperatures and still wake up to a warm house in the morning. Thermostats with adaptive intelligent recovery will adjust the temperature rise gradually, based upon your system, and not kick in the back-up heating system. This type of heat pump thermostat will allow you to see the most efficiency in a heat pump system.

If your current heat pump thermostat doesn’t allow you to recover from setting the temperature lower at night without using the back-up system, you should consider having a newer heat pump thermostat installed.

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