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Improved Furnace Motor Efficiency Leads To These 3 Benefits

Heating and air conditioning systems rely on the rapid movement of air throughout the system. If air flow is inefficient, the overall costs of running the HVAC system can skyrocket. By improving the furnace motor efficiency of a HVAC system, Grand Traverse County homeowners can see significant improvement in the overall function of their home’s heating and cooling system.

One interesting innovation to furnace motor efficiency is the electronically commutated motor, or ECM. The ECM is designed with variable programmable speeds that maintain a high level of efficiency even at higher speeds. Unlike traditional motors, it runs quietly and is not prone to overheating. There are three main benefits to installing a furnace with an ECM:

  1. Saving money — An ECM runs at 65 to 75 percent efficiency, compared to a traditional furnace motor’s 12 to 45 percent efficiency. Greater efficiency leads to significant savings on your electric bill. In addition, EC motors are programmable, allowing a homeowner to set them at the speed needed to achieve a comfortable home environment. Homeowners can change the speed when heating or cooling needs change rather than being locked in to one speed for heating and one for cooling. The ability to set intermediate speeds can lead to additional savings as power isn’t wasted to maintain unnecessarily high speeds.
  2. Environmental benefits — Since an EC motor is more efficient, it requires less power to run. Fewer greenhouse gases are produced in the effort to supply electricity to the home. Reducing a home’s environmental impact through less power usage is an easy way to make your home more environmentally friendly.
  3. Health benefits — Using a furnace with an ECM motor can benefit a family’s health. EC motors provide continuous, quiet air flow. Continuous flow circulates more fresh air throughout the home and removes old, stale air. In addition, EC motors can be programmed to start and stop gradually, reducing humidity in the home. Both of these factors create a healthier breathing environment.

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