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Was the Furnace on Its Last Leg Last Fall? Tips for Replacing It

Was the Furnace on Its Last Leg Last Fall? Tips for Replacing ItPoor heating, higher heating bills, and strange noises are all signs of a furnace on its last leg. If you think your furnace is due for replacement, don’t wait until it breaks down completely and you have to scramble to find a replacement. Check out these tips for replacing it now.

Find the right size

This isn’t as simple as going with the same size furnace you already have. Your home may have been remodeled or had energy-efficiency improvements, or your furnace may not have ever been sized correctly to begin with. A furnace that’s too small won’t have enough heating capacity on the coldest days. One that’s too large will cycle on and off too quickly, and that leads to uneven heating and parts wearing out faster.

Find the right balance of efficiency

Energy efficiency is good, but the more efficient a furnace is, the more it costs. That means there will be a point where the increased cost doesn’t outweigh the energy savings. Have your furnace contractor calculate the annual operating cost of each model to find out if and how soon upgrading to a more efficient model will pay for itself with energy savings.

Check fuel costs

Don’t automatically assume that because you currently have oil, gas, or electric heat that you should keep that fuel type. Check prices for the last 5-10 years. You may find that your current fuel type is much more expensive in relation to the others when it was decades ago. Just remember that fuel prices swing frequently, so be sure you’re considering long-term trends and not temporary adjustments.

Look for new features

New furnaces have many new features designed to improve both your comfort and your energy savings. Ask about things like:

  • Variable speed blowers
  • Advanced air filtration
  • Zoned heating
  • Ignition systems without pilot lights

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