Get Answers to Your Top FAQs About HVAC SystemsMany homeowners have questions about their HVAC system. Whether questions about how to make the system efficient or how to best maintain it to improve the longevity of the system, the answers to these questions are important as you seek to make the best use of your system. Here are five common HVAC questions often asked by Michigan homeowners.

1. Is it time to replace my system?

The time frame for HVAC system replacement depends on how well the unit has been maintained, how old it is and how many hours of use it has. In general, if the system is old, inefficient or needs a very costly repair, you may be better off simply replacing it. Keep in mind that modern systems are much more efficient than older models, which can help offset some of the replacement cost.

2. How often should my unit be serviced?

Because the furnace and air conditioner perform different functions at different times of the year, the best option is to have each system inspected and serviced at the start of their high use season.

3. How can I make my HVAC system more efficient?

Regular maintenance, including furnace filter replacement, cleaning the system and ensuring the system has no leaks are the three top ways you can improve efficiency. These should all be part of your routine service and maintenance check.

4. How often should I replace my filter?

In general, aim to replace the filter once per month, unless it does not appear dirty or in need of a change.

5. Should I spend the extra money on a high-efficiency system?

Before you look past a high-efficiency system if your system needs replacement, consider the monthly savings you will get on your energy bills. Over the lifespan of your system, those savings add up. You may also qualify for tax rebates for the system.

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