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Electronic Air Cleaners Use Electrostatic Attraction To Eliminate The Air Particles That Pollute Your Home

Electronic Air Cleaners Use Electrostatic Attraction To Eliminate The Air Particles That Pollute Your HomeKeeping your home’s indoor temperature at a comfortable level during heating and cooling season is important to you and your family. Equally important, but often overlooked, is keeping your indoor air clear of airborne particles and other pollution. If it’s not possible to remove the source of this pollution, the best way to reduce or eliminate airborne particles in your home is to use an electronic air cleaner.

Electronic air cleaners remove particles from the air by a process called electrostatic attraction. This process gives an electrical charge to airborne particles so they are attracted to indoor surfaces such as walls and floors, or to collecting plates within the air cleaner itself. When these particles cling to other surfaces, they are removed from your home’s indoor air.

The two most common types of electronic air cleaners are electrostatic precipitators and ion generators:

  • Electrostatic precipitators use an external power source to charge and collect particles from the air. They pull air through an ionization section and electrically charge particles that flow through with that air. The particles accumulate on a series of flat metal plates that have an opposite electrical charge. These collector plates must be cleaned regularly so that they continue to work properly.
  • Ion generators, also called ionizers, produce charged ions. The generators release these ions into the air, where they attach to particles and give them an electrical charge. These charged particles then adhere to surfaces inside your home, such as walls, furniture or curtains. Sometimes the charged particles combine with and cling to each other, then settle onto floors, tables and other surfaces. This process literally causes airborne contaminants to fall out, or be pulled out, of your home’s indoor air.

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