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Your Electricity Use Habits Can Cost You Unnecessarily

Your Electricity Use Habits Can Cost You UnnecessarilyIt seems like everyone is trying to be more green these days by conserving energy, recycling, and avoiding disposables. Many homeowners may not realize that, in addition to being good for the environment, going green can also save a lot of money. All it takes is some knowledge about how your electricity use and heating and cooling habits affect your bills. Here are a few tips for decreasing your electricity use to save energy and lower utility bills in your Traverse City home:

  • Turn off appliances and electronics, but be sure that they’re actually off. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of turning televisions and lights off when you leave the room, but many people don’t realize that many items still draw energy even when turned off. Phantom load from powered-down electronics can cost a lot. Try using a power strip so you can effectively switch off everything at once.
  • Adjust your thermostat according to the situation. It’s a myth that it’s more efficient to keep heating and cooling systems always running at a higher setting. Try installing a programmable thermostat, which will safely adjust your home’s temperature to save energy when you are asleep or out of the house.
  • Change your laundry habits. Many people think clothes must be washed in warm or hot water to get clean, but this is incorrect, and can waste a lot of energy and money. It’s the movement and detergent that do most of the work to get your clothes clean, and cold water generally even does a better job of removing stains. Wash and rinse everything in cold water and, for even more savings, line-dry your clothes, rather than running a wasteful and expensive dryer.
  • Switch to efficient light bulbs. Many homeowners are still waiting for their old fluorescent bulbs to burn out before replacing them with CFL’s, but going ahead and making the switch will save a lot of energy and money.

For more information on changing your electricity use and saving money on energy bills in your Traverse City area home, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in Traverse City, Michigan and surrounding areas about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information about electricity use and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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