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Ductless Mini Splits Offer 6 Impressive Advantages to Michigan Homeowners

Ductless Mini Splits Offer 6 Impressive Advantages to Michigan HomeownersAre you considering a ductless mini split air conditioning/heating system? Some homeowners here in the Grand Traverse County area are finding that they don’t need a duct system to keep their homes, home additions and retrofits comfortable. Rather than being a compromise, ductless mini splits provide many distinct advantages over a standard ducted central air conditioner/heating system.

Ductless mini splits have many advantages. They’re:

  • Energy efficient – Standard forced-air ducted systems experience a great amount of heat loss through the home’s ductwork. Homeowners may experience lower energy bills with ductless units.
  • Discreet – The compact design of the ductless system offers a comfortable, calm and quiet indoor space since the components producing noise are placed outside the house. If you’d rather not coordinate the equipment with your home furnishings, no problem. Besides being low-noise, your small mini split can be virtually invisible to those inside your home, located in a dropped ceiling or high on the wall.
  • Available in simple, versatile installation options – Indoor and outdoor system elements are connected by a conduit that runs through a small access opening in the ceiling or wall. Choose from ceiling mount (flush or suspended), wall mount and floor-standing options for the indoor unit. As Energy.gov points out, the outdoor unit can be located up to 50 feet away from the indoor unit, if desired, using connecting conduits.
  • Ideal for individual zones – Condition only the rooms that you’re using at any given time or season. You’ll save energy and money without compromising comfort.
  • Kinder to the environment – Newer cooling systems use more advanced refrigerant (R410-A) that’s less harmful to the ozone layer than previous formulations (R22).
  • Safer – Window air conditioners can provide easy entry for burglars. The mini split’s only wall penetration for the connecting conduit is about 3 inches wide.

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