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With A Ductless Mini Split, You Can Heat Or Cool Almost Any Space

With A Ductless Mini Split, You Can Heat Or Cool Almost Any SpaceHome-improvement projects — such as add-ons or retrofitting unused space to living space — can be pleasing and exciting, and these projects often increase the value of your home. However, issues often arise that dampen the fun. One of those issues may be choosing the best method to heat and cool the new space. If you’re facing a similar decision, consider the benefits of a ductless mini split as a top solution.

Versatile Solution

Ductless mini splits are compact heat-pump systems with nice installation versatility to heat and cool almost any space. These are the heating and cooling uses that this system is designed for:

  • Retrofitting unused space for living space, such as the attic or basement.
  • New room additions.
  • Areas in the home with uneven temperatures.
  • Quick installs when extending ducts is impractical or impossible.

Compliant Components

Ductless mini splits consist of a compact outdoor unit, a thin conduit containing refrigerant tubing, power source, and drainage and one to four air handlers that may be affixed inconspicuously on walls inside your home. There is no ductwork to construct, which is often the source for remodeling issues. The air handlers are connected to the outdoor unit via the conduit, which may extend fifty feet from the outdoor unit to each air handler.

Efficiency And Comfort

In addition to flexible installation options, ductless mini splits are energy efficient and possess excellent heating and cooling properties. Airflow is delivered through the sealed conduit. There is no air loss, which is common with ductwork. In fact, the mini split’s efficiency matches or beats the highest-rated air conditioners and furnaces.

Comfort is another strength of the mini split. Each air handler provides separate temperature control. This makes the mini-split an effective zoning system. You only need to cool or heat the areas that you want. This saves energy, and provides personalized comfort for your loved ones, with no more fussing over thermostat settings.

Ductless mini splits pack a powerful heating-and-cooling punch, while simultaneously solving space issues. For more details, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing. We provide quality service to residents of Grand Traverse County.

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