A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing a Clogged DrainA clogged drain in your kitchen or bathroom can be anything from a minor annoyance to a source of significant trouble. When your drain systems aren’t letting water flow away like they should, there is a sequence of steps you should try before calling in a professional plumber.

Step One: Use a Plunger

A standard plunger is often the best tool for removing a clog in your sink drains or toilet. Larger models are usually used on toilets and are designed to produce more air pressure. Smaller plungers can be effective on clogged sink drains.

Apply the plunger to the drain, making sure that the outer rim of the plunger attains a good seal. If there is already water in the sink, all the better, since the water in the drain will push against the clog. Work the plunger up and down vigorously several times. If plunging doesn’t work the first time, keep trying. It will sometimes be necessary to put pressure on the clog several times before it loosens up and moves on down the drain.

Step Two: Use a Drain Auger

A more stubborn clog can be attacked with a drain auger. These devices, sometimes called drain snakes, consist of a wire cutting head on a length of flexible wire or pipe. The pipe is inserted into the drain and turned as it moves downward. This allows the wire head to physically cut through the clog.

Step Three: Use a Drain Cleaner

If physical force hasn’t done the job, try a chemical drain cleaner to see if that will dissolve the clog. Many types of commercially available drain cleaners will work well for the job. Be careful with these substances, however, as some of the chemicals they contain could be harmful to skin or eyes.

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