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The 3 Keys to Optimal Ceiling Fan Savings

The 3 Keys to Optimal Ceiling Fan SavingsIf you’re looking for ways to lower your energy costs this summer and beyond, concentrating on ceiling fan savings should be a priority. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t know the first thing about using ceiling fans except how to turn them on and off. To get ahead of the game, remember three key techniques to optimize savings.

Shut off your A/C if the ceiling fans are enough. In the case of cooling yourself off, more isn’t always better. Unless it’s very hot (which is a possibility, of course), you may only require a ceiling fan to stay comfortable in your home. Running your air conditioner at the same time will do nothing but waste energy and increase your monthly costs. Start with your ceiling fan, and if that’s enough, great. If not, then turn to the A/C.

Turn up your thermostat’s temperature. In the event that your ceiling fans aren’t enough to keep your family cool on their own, set the thermostat a bit higher than your target comfort temperature. The wind-chill effect created by the ceiling fan will make the room feel a few degrees cooler, and you can save money on cooling.

If no one’s in a room, don’t run the ceiling fan. Many people will constantly run every ceiling fan in their home. The logic here is that the circulating air will cool off the entire home. But this is not true. One reason why fans work so well is because they hasten the evaporation of sweat, which is what cools us off. But, of course, this effect’s not going to happen if there’s no people in the room to enjoy it. You’ll get the same cooling effect from the fan the moment after you turn it on, as you would if it had been kept on for hours.

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