Benefits of Two-Stage CoolingWhen you’re selecting a new cooling system for your home, you may run across a system that offers two-stage cooling. This feature is one of the best options for this climate because it will cut your energy bills, increase indoor comfort and last longer.

The difference between a system that has two- or dual-stage cooling lies in its compressor, the part that alters the refrigerant pressure to make cooling possible. Instead of running on one speed only, which is high, the compressor runs at a lower speed when conditions don’t require extreme cooling.

Most of the time, your home needs air that’s a few degrees cooler. By running at a slower speed, the system delivers comfortable air that doesn’t have that cold blast coming from the registers. It will run for a longer period that offers additional benefits like:

  • Better humidity removal. Air conditioning systems condense water vapor from the air that helps you feel cooler and creates a healthier environment for both you and your home. When the equipment runs longer, it has a chance to remove more humidity. Excessive humidity makes you feel warmer and creates an environment where mold grows faster and dust mites proliferate, both of which make allergies and asthma worse.
  • More thorough air distribution. A two-stage cooling system that runs longer will have more time to circulate the air through the ducts more evenly. Rooms that are further from the blower compartment will be cooler.
  • Better air quality. A longer running time ensures that more air goes through the air filter that traps dust, pet dander, pollen, and other offending airborne particles.
  • Increased durability. Two-stage compressors don’t work as hard as single-stage units. The system will have fewer starts and stops that reduces stress on this expensive part. Fewer starts also lower energy consumption.

A two-stage cooling system offers solid benefits for climates where humidity can be as much an issue in the summer as warm temperatures. To learn more, contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing, providing outstanding HVAC services for homeowners in Grand Traverse County and the surrounding areas.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “geralt/Pixabay”