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Do You Have a Backup Sump Pump for Your Basement? Here’s Why You Should

Do You Have a Backup Sump Pump for Your Basement? Here's Why You ShouldBecause your primary sump pump is vital to your home’s safety in the event of a flood or water inundation, a backup sump pump is critical in the event it fails. Rising ground water, local flooding, a catastrophic indoor water line rupture or a sewer backup can pour hundreds of gallons of water into the basement, ruining possessions and damaging the structure of the house. A sump pump that activates automatically and pumps water out through a discharge line is your first line of defense against water damage. But what if it fails?

  • Concealed in a sump basin down in the basement floor and operating only intermittently, sump pumps frequently don’t get much attention. Lack of regular maintenance may cause sump pump failure without being noticed by occupants. By the time it’s evident, extensive water damage may be done. A backup sump pump offers an extra layer of protection against unknown malfunction of the primary unit.
  • Many of the same phenomenon that cause inundation of water into the basement such as severe storms and flooding also interrupt electrical power. A single sump pump operating on AC power may be disabled at the very moment it’s most needed.
  • Severe water inundation—such as from a ruptured supply line—may simply overwhelm the primary pump’s capacity to remove water as fast as it enters the sump basin. A backup pump takes up the slack and keeps the basement dry.

A backup sump pump typically operates off of a 12-volt deep cycle battery that’s kept in a constant state of full charge by a trickle charger. When the level of water in the sump basin exceeds the normal activation level for the primary pump, the backup pump automatically energizes and begins pumping water out of the basement through the discharge line. 12-volt battery power normally provides sufficient electricity to keep the pump running for several hours.

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