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Want An Air Filter That Can Perform? Evaluate These 5 Ratings

Want An Air Filter That Can Perform? Evaluate These 5 RatingsIf the air quality of your Grand Traverse County home is important to you, you need to find an air filter that can perform. You may know that air filters have MERV ratings that help you evaluate how efficient they are. Did you also know that there are five other ratings to take into consideration when choosing a filter?

  1. Arrestance is a rating that measures how well a filter catches dust particles. Because arrestance is rated under test conditions that use larger dust particles than you find in your house, it’s not the best rating to base your purchase on. However, it can give you some basis of comparison to use in addition to the other ratings.
  2. Pressure drop, or filter resistance, measures how much effect the filter has on airflow versus what the airflow would be without a filter. A higher pressure drop means less efficiency, so you want a lower number on this rating. In practical terms, the pressure drop becomes greater as a filter gets clogged with dust and debris, which is why it’s important to change or clean your filter on a regular schedule if you’re looking for maximum efficiency.
  3. Dust holding capacity is a rating that measures how much dirt a filter can hold at a given pressure drop. Since this rating is based on performance at a specific pressure drop, it’s important to compare dust holding capacities of two filters at the same pressure drop to get an accurate picture of which filter is better.
  4. Dust spot efficiency measures a filter’s dust particle removal ability. Like arrestance, this is done under test conditions with larger particles, so it shouldn’t be the only factor in determining your filter choice.
  5. Efficiency measures how well a filter removes dust, bacteria, pollen, mold and gases from the air. You have both an initial efficiency rating, which measures the efficiency when the filter is new, and a sustained efficiency rating, which measures the efficiency over time.

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