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Your New Air Conditioner: Finding the Right Contractor for Your Installation

Your New Air Conditioner: Finding the Right Contractor for Your InstallationInstalling a new A/C unit in your Grand Traverse County home can be tricky business, but as long as you find a reputable air conditioner contractor, everything should go smoothly. To increase the likelihood of success, there are a number of elements that you should discuss with a potential technician. To help lessen the burden, we’ve outlined the most important issues below:

  • Load calculation — In order for your new A/C unit to be sized correctly, the contractor will need to know your home’s cooling and heating loads. A top professional will determine these loads by using Manuals J, D and S, rather than rules of thumb.
  • Size explanation — Once a contractor has selected the proper unit size for your home, he or she should be able to explain why that particular choice was made.
  • Ductwork evaluation — Air leakage from your ducts leads to a considerable loss of energy and hazardous health issues. Plus, if the ducts aren’t big enough for your needs, this could cause equipment problems and a waste of energy, as well.
  • Airflow evaluation — If your new A/C unit doesn’t achieve proper airflow, your home will never be as comfortable as it could be and you’ll expend more energy than needed trying to get it there. The contractor must test your airflow during the air conditioner installation so that any problems can be dealt with.
  • Thermostat testing — If your thermostat doesn’t work properly, the system’s energy-efficiency will be compromised. All modes should be checked, in addition to compatibility with your new A/C unit.
  • Refrigerant charge check — This element is overlooked by many homeowners, but it’s an important factor for your cooling equipment. Overcharging or undercharging can cause problems.
  • Venting system check — Proper ventilation should be ensured by the contractor. If combustion gases are not correctly vented outside your home, this could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and other health problems.

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