A Whole-House Plan for Energy Savings Involving All Parts of the HVAC SystemIf you look for ways to save energy around your home, then take another look at all the parts of your HVAC system. After all, the efficiency of one component affects the function and efficiency that drives energy savings from the others. If you would like help exploring whole-house savings through your HVAC system, read on!

Cool Savings

Your central air system works hard all summer to keep you nice and cool. Though, if your cooling bill hasn’t been very friendly this year, take a look at the factors that affect airflow and cooling:

  • Coil: A dirty evaporator coil obstructs heat extraction, which makes your A/C run longer. Use a foaming coil spray to clean the coil each spring and fall (a dirty coil also obstructs warm airflow from your furnace).
  • Outdoor unit: Make sure the outdoor unit is clear of airflow obstructions, such as weeds, grass clippings, leaves or any other debris.

Boosting AFUE

Your furnace’s AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) number indicates the percentage of fuel converted to home heating. One of the easiest tasks that you can do to boost AFUE and drive energy savings is changing your furnace filter as needed. A clogged filter reduces heating (and cooling) efficiency by up to 10 percent.

Air Duct Checkup

Are your air ducts under the weather? Hold your hand up to each air-supply vent to check air pressure. Weak airflow may indicate a leaky duct or an incorrectly sized duct run. Check the duct connections and feel for air leaks. Wrap any loose connections with metal duct tape. For the best energy savings, ask your HVAC tech to balance your duct system.

Smart Thermostat Settings

Consider upgrading to a programmable thermostat for hands-free turn back/up energy savings. Try turn back/up temperatures 10 degrees below or above (heating and cooling respectively) your normal temperature setting during hours you’re away from home. According to Energy Star, set your regular thermostat temperature to 78 for cooling and 68 for heating.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “monam/Pixabay”