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What Happens When Your Sump Pump Fails?

February 15, 2024

Sump pumps are the silent heroes of basements, and homes in general. Without any hoopla, they quietly protect your home from flooding, and living in Michigan, you know basement flooding can happen quite easily. It only takes that one major rainfall or storm to foil your sump pump’s success rate. Our professional plumbers at Team…

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What to Do If Your Main Line Drain Is Clogged

September 30, 2022
What to Do If Your Main Line Drain Is Clogged. Image of plumber and home owner talking.

Are you anxious after seeing water backing up in your Traverse City home? After all, who wouldn’t worry when they see water piling up in their home? The truth is this could be a sign of a serious problem—a clogged main line drain.

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