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Why Zoning Systems Solve Comfort Problems Inherent in a Home’s Design

Why Zoning Systems Solve Comfort Problems Inherent in a Home’s DesignIs your home’s basement too cold while the second floor is too hot? Do some rooms feel like they change temperature throughout the day, while that new home addition is always a different temperature than the rest of the house? If so, look into zoning systems.

Zoning systems treat your home as a collection of separate temperature areas. Instead of heating or cooling all of the rooms in the house at the same time, zoning systems direct air to individual parts of the house. They can therefore adjust for temperature differences that naturally result from the way the home is designed.

There are several common elements of home design that can make zoning systems especially beneficial:

  • Any home with more than one story is going to experience stratification, or a layer of warm air in the upper floor and a layer of cold air in the bottom floor. This is a natural result of warm air rising while colder, denser air sinks.
  • Passive solar heating is commonly responsible for temperature differences between the different sides of a house. If you have a room or rooms with large windows, the greenhouse effect will cause the air to warm up during the hours in which they receive direct sunlight.
  • The use of different insulation levels or construction materials in different parts of the house can also cause problems. This is often the result of adding on to an older house or converting an attic or garage into living space.
  • Some types of rooms have special heating and cooling needs. Basements, for instance, are affected by the soil temperature rather than the outdoor air temperature, and kitchens can produce their own heat.
  • Some rooms sit empty for most of the day, which means a zoning system with programmable thermostats would allow you to save energy by only heating or cooling the rooms that are in use.

Zoning systems can be designed to overcome any of these issues. To find out whether zoning would make sense for your home, contact us at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing.

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