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Your Whole-House Humidifier Could Use a Once Over

If you would like to save on heating costs this season and enjoy greater home comfort without the annoyances that accompany dry winter air, make sure you keep your whole-house humidifier at peak performance by scheduling annual service.

Save on heating costs

Perhaps you’ve noticed dry air feels cooler than more humid air of the same temperature. This is natural due to the fact that dry air removes moisture from the skin more quickly than humid air. By simply maintaining optimal humidity levels between 35 and 45 percent, you’ll feel warmer and more comfortable.

And, by maintaining warmth and comfort with optimal humidity levels, you can save six to 12 percent on heating costs by turning down the thermostat two to four degrees, according to Energy.gov statistics.

Whole-house humidifier maintenance

Whole-house humidifiers need regular maintenance in three areas:

  • Water supply: When the humidifier is activated, the solenoid valve automatically clicks open to allow water into the humidifier. The amount of water streaming through is regulated by an orifice, which sends the water through a feed tube. These components are inspected for wear and cleaned of any mineral or scale deposits. If you haven’t serviced your whole-house humidifier for a few years, some parts may need to be replaced.
  • Moisture transfer: The distribution tray receives water from the feed tube. The water panel should receive water from the distribution tray evenly for complete saturation. Water vapor is dispersed from the water panel to airflow circulating through the ductwork. For efficient moisture transfer and to prevent the possible spread of mold, these components need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned regularly. Depending on the type of water panel your humidifier uses, such as a foam pad, the panel may need to be replaced.
  • Water drainage: The drain tube is inspected for debris accumulation, signs of wear and correct slope to the drain. Debris accumulation and/or incorrect slope can cause a blockage, which may result in water spilling inside your home.

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