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When the Flu Bug’s the Foe, Whole-House Humidification’s Your Ally

When the Flu Bug's the Foe, Whole-House Humidification's Your AllyHomeowners in colder regions of the U.S. are discovering one more benefit to using whole-house humidification. In addition to preventing damage to the home when dry air draws moisture out of wood molding, floors, instruments, and more, whole-house humidification benefits one’s health, making it less likely for people to contract a flu virus.

Winter conditions

When the temperatures become cooler, the air can’t hold as much moisture, which is why winters are generally drier. Homeowners often opt to install whole-house humidification to counteract these dry conditions, which can cause increased static electricity, irritate nasal passages and aggravate respiratory conditions. These conditions also create an environment in which it’s more likely for viruses will spread. But the good news is that humidification can counter these conditions to some degree and provide an effective preventive measure against illness.

The power of humidification

When the air’s dry, scientists are discovering that the flu virus thrives because:

  • It can easily penetrate dry nasal passages
  • It lingers in the air when a person coughs or sneezes. Dry air pulls moisture out, but the virus remains.
  • It wears a coating in cooler temperatures. This coating melts once the virus enters the respiratory tract. Underneath, the liquid virus is in a state in which it’s easily able to infect a person.

With many of the findings about viruses related to dry air, it’s easy to see why whole-house humidification holds one of the keys to staying healthy. With the humidifier restoring necessary moisture to the air in your home, you’ll be less likely to develop dry, cracked nasal passages, and viruses won’t access your system as easily.

Many whole-house humidifiers offer easy control over indoor relative humidity levels. You can set the controls within a safe range, and the unit will adjust its output, responding to outdoor conditions and indoor temperatures. As a result, you’ll get a properly humidified home and ward off contracting the flu virus.

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