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5 Telltale Signs of a Hidden Water Leak in Your Bathroom

5 Telltale Signs of a Hidden Water Leak in Your BathroomA hidden water leak in the bathroom won’t stay hidden forever. Leaking water always gets worse and becomes obvious—as does the extent of damage that occurred while it was hidden. It’s important to notice the subtle signs of a hidden water leak in the bathroom to prevent it from developing into a total pipe rupture or a collapsed wall or ceiling. Before water damage that will be impossible to ignore occurs, here are some signs that you may need the services of a professional plumber to trace a hidden water leak in the bathroom.

Mold And Mildew

Bathrooms are customarily zones of warmth and water that may trigger mold growth and mildew. However, if you notice evidence of either in areas not in direct contact with tub or sink water – especially if it recurs after cleaning – a hidden water leak is a possible source of the moisture that’s feeding growth.

Deteriorating Paint Or Wallpaper

Water supply lines are routed through wall voids to sinks and other bathroom fixtures. Leakage concealed in these areas may initially cause external signs including peeling paint and wallpaper and may be misdiagnosed as damage from shower steam. However, steam alone rarely causes total separation of paint and wallpaper.

Damaged Wall Materials

Drywall absorbs water but it can only hold so much. Eventually a saturated wall will pull loose from the studs under the weight of leaked water and buckle outwards.

Floor Mysteries

Bathroom tiles shouldn’t be separating from the subfloor, nor flooring inexplicably cracking or staining, due to simple exposure to wet feet or high bathroom humidity. Small leaks or chronic seepage from supply lines running through the floor are another potential explanation.

Stained Downstairs Ceiling

A spreading blotch or stain on the ceiling of a room below a bathroom is an ominous sign that can’t be ignored. A saturated ceiling won’t support the weight of water from an ongoing leak for long and collapse may be inevitable.

If you’re seeing possible signs of a hidden water leak in the bathroom, get professional help from a qualified plumber now. Contact Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing.

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