How to Know When to Replace Your Water HeaterIf your water heater fails unexpectedly, you’ll not only face a major disruption in your daily routine, you may have to deal with a messy cleanup and potential water damage to your home. Knowing how to recognize that the appliance is on its last legs can allow you to have a new water heater installed before a failure happens. Here’s what to watch out for:

Advanced Age

Generally, you can expect an electric water heater to last eight to 10 years, while a gas model has an average life of just six to eight years. If your heater is getting on in age, you can prevent future headaches by replacing it now.

Signs of Rust

If you find corrosion around the temperature and pressure relief (T&P) valve, the drain valve, water supply connections or tank seams, your water heater is reaching the end of its useful life. Rusty-orange water from the faucets is another telltale sign that the anode rod has been eaten away and rust is attacking the tank itself.

Minor Water Leaks

Once the tank begins to corrode, small leaks are likely to develop. If you see water leaking around the outside of the tank or the valves and connections, it’s wise to get the heater replaced promptly to avert a flood that can cause considerable inconvenience and expense.

Noises in the Tank

It’s normal for sediment or mineral scale to form inside your water heater and settle to the bottom of the tank. If you don’t flush the tank regularly, you’ll start to hear rumbling, banging and popping sounds when the heater is running. A serious sediment problem erodes the appliance’s energy efficiency and shortens its lifespan.

Drop in Water Temperature

A layer of hardened sediment insulates the burner or elements, and your water heater has to work harder to meet the thermostat’s temperature setting. When you notice a drop in water temperature at the faucets, it’s a warning that your heater needs replacement.

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