Warranty vs. Maintenance Plan: Which Is Preferable?

Warranty vs. Maintenance Plan: Which Is Preferable?Protecting your home’s HVAC system is a smart decision, but which should you choose? A warranty that covers everything in the house, or an HVAC-specific service plan? When you’re weighing warranty vs. maintenance plan, consider the benefits that an HVAC maintenance agreement offers:

  • Preventative maintenance. HVAC maintenance plans include twice-yearly check-ups and cleanings, which are vital to keep a system operating efficiently and help extend equipment life. Home warranties don’t provide these essential services, so you’ll have to pay out of pocket to maintain the system. If you don’t and the equipment breaks down, the warranty company can refuse to cover the cost of any repairs.

  • Parts and repair discounts. Most HVAC service plans provide a discount on parts and labor when repairs are necessary. Home warranty companies not only charge a deductible when service is needed, they usually only cover certain repairs.

  • Energy savings. The preventative maintenance performed under an HVAC service agreement can help your equipment retain as much as 95 percent of its original energy efficiency, which brings you the bonus of lower utility bills. In contrast, home warranties strictly provide coverage for repairs or replacements.

  • Preferred scheduling. HVAC contractors put their maintenance plan customers first when a breakdown or equipment failure occurs. Many include a same-day service guarantee as well. Since HVAC problems tend to crop up at the peak of the heating or cooling season, this timely service can ensure you don’t suffer any discomfort or inconvenience. If you’re covered under a home warranty, it could take days before someone rings the doorbell.

  • Reliable service. When you sign up for a maintenance plan with a trusted HVAC company, you already know you’ll receive excellent service. Home warranty companies pick from a list of affiliated contractors, so you won’t get to choose who services your equipment. Plus, you may be overcharged by a unfamiliar contractor who’s not terribly concerned about keeping you as a satisfied, long-term customer.

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