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Want To Maximize Heating Performance? Make Sure Your Ducts Are Properly Designed And Sealed

If you are installing a new ductwork system, you want to make sure that everything is done properly now so that you don’t face unnecessarily high energy costs later down the road. Much of your ductwork will be inaccessible, as it will be concealed in walls or flooring. If you make sure your ductwork design is ideal and that the ducts are properly sealed now, you will be able to keep costs down for years to come.

The role of your HVAC system’s ductwork is to distribute the conditioned air that it generates throughout your home. The goal of your ductwork design is to establish an airflow through your home from your supply vents to your return vents that allows air to reach all parts of your house in an even manner.

This means that your ductwork plans need to consider all sorts of architectural features that could hinder this flow. If air gets pushed into an area but is unable to reach your return vents, your air system will continue to create more and more air that your home doesn’t need. This overworks your system and spikes your energy costs.  In order to make sure your ductwork design is optimal for your particular home’s layout, partner with a trustworthy HVAC contractor with the experience to get it right.

Good design is vital, but if the installation isn’t done correctly it won’t mean a thing. The most important aspect of the installation is the duct sealing. If there are gaps and leaks between ducts, your conditioned air leaks out before it ever reaches your supply vents. It escapes and you end up paying to have a warm crawl space or attic, something that no homeowner needs.  Again, since your ducts become inaccessible after the install, this needs to be done properly before you can no longer reach them.

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