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Want Full Control Of Your Household Temperatures? Try A Zoning System

Want Full Control Of Your Household Temperatures? Try A Zoning SystemMany homeowners have difficulty achieving their ideal temperature throughout their entire home. There are often warm or cool patches or even entire rooms that never feel the same as the rest of the house. And of course there’s the problem that stems from the fact that not everyone in the household has the same idea of what the ideal temperature is. Zoned temperature-control systems can work around these problems as well as provide a number of other benefits that keep everyone comfortable and reduce your energy costs.

A traditional forced-air system is controlled by a single thermostat that sets the temperature for the entire house. While this sounds good in theory, this goal is actually incredibly difficult to achieve due to a number of reasons.  For example, the simple fact that heat rises will make second floors warmer than first floors. Areas near large windows are more likely to have heat transfer in and out of the home, leading to the patches that feel different.  And simple architectural features may just be preventing air from naturally flowing to all parts of your house, such as a bedroom located over your garage.

Zoning systems work around these problems by utilizing multiple thermostats that are each in control of a designated area, or zone. Each thermostat has a smaller area to control, making them more efficient. You can set all the thermostats to the same temperature for a much more consistent feeling or you can have different temperatures throughout.

This means that different people in different parts of the house can change the temperature where they are without disturbing someone in another part.  For example, Dad can have the study a few degrees warmer than Mom in the bedroom while the kids’ room upstairs is even cooler to account for heat that has risen to the second floor.

You can also set entire zones that are not frequently occupied to energy-efficient modes so that you aren’t paying to cool an empty space, reducing your energy costs.

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