Bathroom Ventilation Tips for Your HomeA long, hot shower or bath should be a source of relaxation – not stress. Unfortunately, homes that aren’t equipped with proper bathroom ventilation systems can create serious issues that lead to expensive repairs and even reduced indoor air quality. The good news is that it’s easy to correct problems like these when you know how to select and install a bathroom exhaust fan. This post will provide some useful tips for doing so.

Tips for Selecting Bathroom Fans

Not all bathroom fans are created equally. Here are a few things you should consider when upgrading your bathroom ventilation system:

  • Air Flow Capacity — Without the right air flow capacity, your bathroom fan won’t be able to efficiently or effectively remove moisture from the room. Air flow capacity is measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). The right fan will have 1 cfm per each square foot of floor space within your bathroom. Got a bathroom larger than 100 square feet? Count up your bathroom’s toilets, showers, bathtubs, and tub/shower combinations and add 50 cfm for each. An additional 100 cfm should be added for each whirlpool.
  • Noise — Some homeowners are very concerned with the noise generated by bathroom fans. A very quiet exhaust fan will be rated between 0.5-1.2 sones, the loudest fans will be rated above 4.0 sones, and moderately noisy units will fall somewhere in-between.
  • Energy Efficiency — Maximize your savings and minimize your energy consumption by taking the time to look for a bathroom exhaust fan with the Energy Star label. These fans can use as much as 60% less energy than standard units.

Tips for Exhausting Bathroom Fans

Too many homeowners make the mistake of allowing their bathroom fans to ventilate to unheated attics or to spaces between ceiling joints. All this does is remove moisture problems from the bathroom and redistribute them elsewhere. A proper bathroom ventilation system will be exhausted outside of the home.

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