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Do You Know the Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace? 3 Big Reasons to Consider One

Do You Know the Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace? 3 Big Reasons to Consider OneIf you’re considering a furnace upgrade, opting for a variable speed model might be a wise choice. Standard furnaces typically have a single speed, or at best, a three- or four-speed blower motor. If you decide on a standard furnace, your HVAC technician will set the blower to approximately match the airflow needs of your home when the unit is installed. In contrast, the blower motor of a variable speed furnace automatically adjusts the amount of air circulation it produces. It employs intelligent design and uses multiple speeds to provide just the right amount of warm air when you need it. There are some other major benefits as well:

  • Precision temperature control. Because a variable speed furnace adjusts the speed of the blower and the amount of warm air it puts out, the temperature in your home stays relatively constant all day long. This results in fewer drafts and cold spots in your home, which means you’ll enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

  • Reduced energy consumption and lower utility bills. When you choose this type of furnace, you may be concerned that your blower motor is running for longer periods. Don’t worry – because the speed is adjusted frequently, it’s actually using less energy to heat your home. This improved efficiency also means you’ll have lower electric bills than with a standard furnace.

  • Quiet operation. When your variable speed furnace cycles on, the fan motor starts off slowly, and gradually increases its speed until it reaches the target temperature set on your thermostat. Once that’s reached, the blower automatically adjusts to a slower speed, but it continues to circulate heated air throughout your home. You’ll notice an appreciable reduction in noise while your furnace is operating, especially in comparison to the amount of sound produced by the blower of a standard furnace.

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