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A Variable-Speed Furnace Blower: 3 Tips To Decide If It’s Right For Your Home

One of the remarkable improvements to home heating and cooling systems is the variable-speed furnace blower. These blowers use electronically commutated motors (ECMs) that use electricity more efficiently. Instead of using alternating current (AC), the ECMs have converters that change the current to direct current (DC) for greater efficiency. A single-speed motor can use as many as 625 watts per hour, while an ECM uses 100 watts. If you need to replace your furnace blower, these tips can help you decide whether a variable-speed furnace blower can benefit you.

  1. If your blower is near a bedroom or living area and you find the noise the fan makes annoying, a variable-speed motor is the quietest kind of blower for your home. Since the blower runs more slowly than a standard single-speed motor, the air creates less noise going through the ducts and the fan makes substantially less noise.
  2. The variable-speed motor optimizes the output of your heated or cooled air better than any other kind of system. Since the motors runs at lower speeds, the fan circulates the air through your ducts for a longer period. This eliminates the cold blast of air that you feel when the blower starts, since it ramps up and slows down gradually. All the conditioned air in the ducts goes into your rooms with the slower operation, so the conditioned air doesn’t sit in your ducts where it isn’t needed.Your rooms receive more warmed or cooled air. The longer running time also removes more humidity in the summer.
  3. Families who have members with allergies or asthma benefit from these blowers because they can run continuously. The air constantly goes through the blower’s filter, which removes more airborne particulates than operating the system intermittently. Although you can set a standard blower to run constantly, the additional cost of operating the motor adds to your electricity bill and to the noise level in your home, which the variable-speed motors do not.

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