What are the Benefits of a Variable-Speed Furnace?Furnaces are workhorse systems that provide the majority of home heating in the Grand Traverse County area. Though reliable, conventional furnaces may not maintain the level of home comfort you expect, which is especially disconcerting when you’re paying for higher energy.

Variable-Speed Furnaces

The name “variable-speed furnace” refers to the technology used in the electronically-commutated blower motor. Variable-speed blower motors use inverter-driven technology that automatically adjusts the rotation speed of the blower (i.e. airflow output) to meet your home’s actual heating demand in real time.

Rather than operating at full capacity like a conventional fixed-speed furnace, variable-speed furnaces adjust heated airflow output in increments as precise as one percent. Additionally, variable-speed furnaces operate at lower and near-continuous output speeds, which uses less energy while providing greater comfort to conventional furnaces.

Following are more advantages of choosing a variable-speed furnace for your home:

  • Comfort: With inverter-driven technology, you won’t experience those sudden and uncomfortable blasts of air from the diffusers.
  • Efficiency: Variable-speed furnaces use 25 to 60 percent less electricity than conventional fixed-speed furnaces.
  • Quiet: The blower motor is traditionally the chief noise maker in a furnace system. Since variable-speed blower motors use fewer moving parts and operate at reduced speeds to conventional furnaces, the noise produced is much less.
  • Less wear: Slower blower motor speeds means less wear on the blower motor and other furnace parts. Less wear generally means fewer breakdowns and repair bills.
  • ROI: Variable-speed furnaces cost more than conventional fixed-speed models. However, the return on investment (ROI) is substantial. The ROI is the money you’ll save down the road through energy savings by choosing a variable-speed furnace for your home.

Ask your HVAC professional to conduct a lifetime cost analysis of furnaces you’re considering so you may see the projected savings for choosing a furnace with variable-speed technology.

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