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UV Lights Provide Optimal Coverage And Control

UV Lights Provide Optimal Coverage And ControlIf you’re trying to improve the quality of your indoor air, only UV lights will be able to give you the ultimate control over the amount of harmful microorganisms in the air you breathe each day. They are simple germicidal tools, but are incredibly effective at what they do.

UV (ultraviolet) lights — as their name indicates — emit low levels of UV radiation. This radiation is harmless to you and your family but can alter the DNA of pollutants such as yeast, mold and bacteria that get exposed to it. In fact, it immediately kills these microbial life forms upon contact. This prevents them from being able to circulate through your air system and proliferate throughout your home.

You can wield the power of UV lights by having an HVAC technician install UV lamps into your air system. A small hole will be drilled into one of the ducts, usually near the coil, so that it can be inserted and sealed. This placement ensures that it is able to expose as much air as possible to its light rays. It also helps to keep important HVAC equipment disinfected.

This is important year round but especially during the winter. If just a single household member brings in a germ, it will often not have a way to easily circulate out of your home. This is because homes are designed to be as energy efficient and airtight as possible which while good for your energy bills, can be harmful to your health.

Hospitals and large corporate buildings often install UV lights into their air systems. Hospitals utilize their ability to stop the spread of highly contagious diseases while companies enjoy the fact that coworkers won’t get each other sick, reducing the amount of sick leave taken. Fortunately, they are priced affordably enough that anyone can enjoy their benefits.

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