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Upgrade HVAC Equipment In 7 Energy-Saving, Comfort-Boosting Steps

Are you in the market for a new home comfort system? There are seven energy-saving, comfort-boosting qualities you should look for. Keep them in mind when you upgrade HVAC equipment.

  • System reliability: Because your heating and cooling system is a significant investment, you want to select equipment from a reputable manufacturer. Then, you should have the HVAC equipment installed by a trustworthy contractor in Grand Traverse County.
  • Energy efficiency: The initial cost of energy efficient HVAC equipment is higher, but you will enjoy years of energy savings that help the investment pay for itself. Look for the Energy Star label when you upgrade HVAC equipment to know you’re getting the best system possible.
  • Quiet operation: Some furnaces run as loudly as a garbage disposal. Air conditioners can run loudly as well, so for the fewest disruptions, look for equipment that uses technology to run quietly.
  • Consistent temperatures: Indoor temperature can vary by up to seven degrees from the thermostat setting if you have a standard single-stage system. Two-stage furnaces with variable speed blowers give the system the ability to operate on high and low speeds, thus keeping your home at a more consistent temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.
  • Balanced humidity: Moisture control is just as important as keeping the temperature at the proper set point. Consider finding a new thermostat that features humidity controls when you upgrade HVAC equipment.
  • Proper airflow: Air must travel through the ductwork at an adequate speed for energy efficiency and home comfort. That means the new equipment must be sized properly with your home and ductwork. An experienced contractor can help ensure you purchase the right size HVAC equipment for your needs.
  • Healthier air: Indoor air pollution is a serious matter that many people don’t fully understand. If anyone in your home has a sensitive respiratory system, it’s worthwhile to consider adding an air cleaner to your furnace. This boosts the efforts of a standard air filter and keeps air cleaner than ever.

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