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Three Types of Furnaces: What Does Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed Mean?

Three Types of Furnaces: What Does Single Stage, Two Stage and Variable Speed Mean?If you’re considering installing a new furnace, your research may have introduced you to the three main types of furnaces: single stage, two stage, and variable speed. However, an introduction to them doesn’t mean that you understand the differences between these types of furnaces or know which one is right for you.

Single Stage Furnace 

This furnace constantly runs at its highest capacity to heat your home. Its components do not consider the outside temperature or airflow in your home when operating. Because they always operate at their highest capacity, single stage furnaces can be expensive in terms of energy usage. This type of furnace may be suitable for homes in extremely cold areas.

Two Stage Furnace

A two stage furnace has high and low heat stages. The furnace runs at a lower capacity in the low stage – hence the name of the stage – to maintain the temperature set on your thermostat. Once it requires more power to maintain that temperature, it switches to the high stage. This type of furnaces typically runs at 60% capacity when in operation. A two stage furnace may be the best choice for a home that rarely requires intense.

Variable Speed Furnace

The term “variable speed furnace” actually refers to the blower motor on a this type of furnace. A variable speed furnace is equipped with a computerized blower motor that monitors the air flow in your home as affected by duct work, furnace location, and air filter cleanliness so that it can adjust the amount of air released into your home.

A computerized blower motor allows a furnace to run as efficiently as possible because it prevents the furnace from releasing large, unnecessary amounts of heated air into your home. In fact, most variable speed furnaces operate on less electricity than traditional furnaces.

The three types of furnaces operate differently and have unique benefits. If you’re considering installing a new furnace, contact the HVAC professionals at Team Bob’s Heating Cooling Plumbing today to schedule an appointment and receive assistance selecting your new furnace.

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