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It Could Be Time to Replace Your Toilet

It Could Be Time to Replace Your ToiletToilets are durably built and designed to withstand the demands of daily use for many years. As wear and tear on the seals, water lines and porcelain take their toll over time, you’ll likely face a decision about replacing a toilet in your home. Here are some signs that it’s time to have a new one installed:

  • Costly water waste — Older toilets can waste between 3.4 and 7 gallons of water per flush. If you want to trim your water bill, you can upgrade to new model that uses a meager 1.3 gallons.
  • Flawed design — If you own one of the first-generation, 1.6 gallon toilets that clogs up frequently, you may think replacing it can only make the problem worse. There’s no reason to worry — thanks to design advancements, today’s toilets offer both strong flushing capabilities and water efficiency.
  • Bowl damage — Over time, repeated scrubbing can scratch the inside of the bowl and leave it porous and susceptible to stains. A scratched bowl not only looks ugly, it’s harder to keep clean and sanitary.
  • Poor performance — If you’re frequently replacing parts like the flush valve, handle or flapper, and you can’t get issues like weak flushing, continuous running or loud refilling solved, buying a new toilet may be the best option.
  • Cracked porcelain — Cracks in the bowl or tank aren’t repairable, and the water leaks that result can slowly damage your floor around the toilet’s base.
  • Outdated color — If the commode doesn’t match the other fixtures in your bathroom, or it’s an odd or old-fashioned color, replacing it gives you an opportunity to upgrade to a sleek, one-piece model that’s ultra-efficient.

If you’re still unsure whether replacing your toilet is necessary, ask the opinion of a reputable, licensed plumber. A plumbing pro can also handle the installation so you won’t have to worry about cracking or chipping the new porcelain or ending up with water leaks around the sewer pipe flange or water supply line.

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