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Exchange That Manual Thermostat for a Programmable Model: Here’s Why

Exchange That Manual Thermostat for a Programmable Model: Here's WhyIf you often find yourself checking your manual thermostat to adjust the indoor temperature and create a comfortable home environment, switching to a programmable model might be perfect for your needs. Apart from boosting your comfort by offering total temperature control and numerous handy features, a programmable thermostat also helps you save on heating expenses during winter. Here are the top reasons why you should exchange that manual thermostat for a programmable one:

  • Enhanced temperature control – In contrast to regular thermostats that require you to manually set the temperature every time you want to make an adjustment, programmable thermostats allow you to preset different temperatures at different times of the day. Some thermostats have features for weekdays and weekend, while others have unique settings for every day of the week.
  • Comfort at lower costs – A programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature on the lower end while you’re at work or on vacation, reducing your heating expenses. You can set the system to return to the normal temperature setting approximately one hour before you arrive, so you’ll enjoy the same level of comfort.
  • Smart features – Some programmable thermostats offer control over the level of humidity, which can also be adjusted in specific areas or the entire home. Newer thermostats can also check your indoor air quality and provide periodic maintenance reminders.

Although your programmable thermostat is implementing the preset functions, this doesn’t mean you need to change the preset programs if you need to make some minor adjustment. Most thermostats have an override function designed for minor, temporary adjustments.

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