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The Most Convenient Way To Do Away With Dry Winter Air? Install A Whole House Humidifier

The Most Convenient Way To Do Away With Dry Winter Air? Install A Whole House HumidifierWhen winter rolls around, you not only have to deal with the cold temperatures and the snow, but also with the dry air the season inevitably brings. Dry air in your home can cause or contribute to several uncomfortable physical conditions such as itchy skin, nose bleeds, irritated throats and breathing troubles. Apart from physical problems, excessive dry air can also damage your home, causing warping of paneling, floors and furniture. A whole house humidifier can help prevent these unwanted winter conditions.

An often overlooked characteristic of dry interior air is that it makes you feel colder than the actual temperature of the room. This happens because dry air absorbs moisture from your skin. When moisture evaporates away from your body, you cool down, much like the effect you feel when cooling off after sweating. Too much dry air in your house will make you feel colder even if you have your furnace set at a relatively high level.

A whole house humidification system will effectively relieve these physical conditions. A whole house humidifier is installed directly into your heating system and works with your forced-air furnace to increase the amount of moisture in your home’s interior air. The humidifier adds moisture by spraying tiny amounts of water vapor into the air as it flows through your heating system. The humidified air is then blown through the ductwork and into your house, where it increases the moisture level throughout your home.

With more humidity in the air, the evaporation of moisture from your skin decreases. You can feel comfortable when the room is at a lower temperature. Since you don’t have to run your heating system at a higher level, you save money on your utility bills. Increased humidity also relieves physical discomforts caused by dry air.

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