Water Heater Replacement in Kalkaska, MI 49646

“Our water heater and water softener are located in our basement. I was surprised that only one Team Bob’s tech arrived. It was difficult for Adam to bring both units in and both old units out by himself, but he did it. There are about 15 steps on our stairway. Perhaps the person who gives the estimate for each job should let others know the layout (one man or two man job). We were expecting a tech at 8am. Adam arrived around 10am and finished around 2pm. He did a good job. I had to vacuum up a lot of light debris when the job was done and nail a piece of trim back on one of the basement door jams which got popped off bringing the units in (or out). But no worries…we are glad to have the units replace promptly once was the job got started. Thanks to Adam and Team Bob’s for quick scheduling.”

– Dave M.